Wednesday, May 21, 2003 3:40 PM

Weeellll...Im at school atm...working on my Nova Net class.....just thougth I'd update, haven't been on THAT much, dad took comp for awhile, will have back sunday, + I have monday off...BAI

Friday, May 16, 2003 4:06 PM

Well, its friday night, might go so matrix reloaded....saturday I'll prolly be doin nuffin, then sunday night im going to see TOWER OF POWER in jazz alley, down in Seattle W00t! It's gonna be so freaking awesome....well, thats all for now, gonna go watch Spy Games now, a good ole brad pitt movie :) bai!

Thursday, May 15, 2003 10:04 PM

Well, I would go into more detail about how my day went...but I will just summarize it quickly, after going into school, I mostly read my book during german, read my book during english, made a candle in Material Science, skipped math to finish a project in Mat. Sci, then went to lunch, went to US history, played a review game ( WAS SO FUN!!) My team won, = 10 extra credit points on next test, which i will prolly get in high 90's range :). History is teh easy. Then barely did jack shit in Food and Fitness, then went to Game Club, played some magic, *card game* dont make fun, i know im a dork :). Then I came home, and drove my car a bit, not supposed to ya, im 17, but no license yet, OMGZ IM LAME. But i drove it around the block anyways...then i did some h-work while listening to some techno shite, ill post some songs that i think are good, song titles that is, not sure how yo will get em, but /shrug. Well im off to bed now, me pretty tired atm...BAI!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 3:05 PM

Well, I'm at school atm, in my NovaNet class about to start on my stuff.. I'm retaking a class, U.S. History 1. Failed.... :(.....But atleast im doing better in U.S. History 2 :) hehehe. Here is a link to the day of defeat forum thread, where my www.dayofdefeat.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3677 , just copy + paste that, i think the links must not be working, because when I hyperlink something with this new Beta Blog, it wont show up in the post...oh well..

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 9:27 PM

Not sure if you can see it or not? But a link is posted right about this, if not, then its www.homestarrunner.com, its for all you's people out there who love funny flash cartoons, but dont know where to find one!!

Go there, watch, laugh, and cry....or...well....maybe not cry....but laugh...yah....do that...lots......bye
Welcome and hello to my BLOG!!! I'm very excited about it, now that other people will be able to share with what I do mostly with my life. :) For this post, I want to talk about , it is a MMORPG based of the book series, The Wheel of Time, created by Robert Jordan. I think that it is one of the greats of fantasy, as I have read somewhat other fantasy books, and I mostly favor this one. The game is still in development, and a package is being sent to the author to gain his approval. Hopefully he will not turn them down. WoTRPG consist's of a new graphics engine, a massive world, a new 'Kingdom' system allowing player's to own and run their own kingdoms within the world. But beware, aspiring kings will reft it from your grasp if you are not carefull...

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